Graphic artist

I have always loved to draw and create. In my work I use both traditional and digital methods in several versatile styles.

Personal projects:

The Little Mermaid (2007)

I was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's original story to make a triptych of prints. They use etching, surface etching and aquatint.

Selkie (2007)

The seal people of Irish mythology inspired this series of monotype prints.


Tabletkoulu (2015)

Illustrations for a religion textbook.

A Nice Cup of Tease (2014)

A logo for a burlesque troupe (link to website).

Poster (2014)

A poster for a birthday party, in the style of old horror movies.

Correspondents (2012)

Correspondents (link to website) is an international media service. I designed them a mascot and used it in several illustrations across the site as well as in an animated promotional film.

En koskaan sanonut - Words Never Spoken (2009)

I made a poster and dvd cover for this short film.

Bunny Chores (2009)

This is a series of laminated cards designed to help a special needs child plan daily activities and remember chores and rules.

Stranded (2008)

I made a series of illustrations for this non-linear fiction project that is unfortunately offline at the moment.

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