As a translator, I specialize in screenplays. I translate scripts for both short films and feature films, as well as synopses and tag lines. I have worked on several high-profile Finnish films since 2007, from the first draft to the screen.

With my background in film and visual culture, I have expert knowledge on how a movie script is constructed. In many cases, my work is essentially what financiers abroad read and evaluate when they decide which films to back up.

My clients value my dedication, flexibility and discretion. I work both from Finnish to English and English to Finnish.

Films I have worked on include:

Big Game (2014)

See Big Game on IMDB

Wolf Man - Hukkamies (2013)

Säilöttyjä unelmia - Canned Dreams (2012)

Hiljaisuus (2011)

Rare Exports - A Christmas Tale (2010)

Miesten vuoro - Steam of Life (2010)

Sirius Express - The Cosmic Avenger (2010)

Silent Sonata (2010)

Kaveri - A Mate (2009)

Kaveri, A Mate from It's Alive Productions on Vimeo.

Other noteworthy projects:

Sirius Express - The Cosmic Avenger (2010) (children's book)

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